Steps on How to Become a Apple Certified Technician

Do you want to know how to become a Apple Certified technician? Apple has become keen in training and examining potential technicians of its products. It also requires that you take these tests online. The reason is that Apple is a global company with a vast and loyal following.

That means it needs to be sure that only professional handle its products. Just as any other company, it wants to be sure that its customers get value for their money. This guide gives you steps on how to become one. They are:

Apple Certified Technician

• When setting out to become an Apple technician, you should, first of all, know that you have to pass through the Apple Certified Technician Program.

• This curriculum enables you to learn how to carry out troubleshooting and repairs on Apple devices. You need to complete this certification training before embarking on the next step.


• You need to score 80 marks or above when carrying out the first step above. You also need to have excellent scores in other disciplines.

• They include electronic discharge precautions and embedded battery safety. That’s still on the Apple Service Certification exam. You also need you pass all environmental questions that Apple will ask you.

• This certification exam is available on the Apple Certification Website. It’s related to solving problems on the Apple operating system and others that might affect Apple software products.

Training Programs Online

You should also look for online Apple forums. That’s because they will provide you with fast and easy training. They enable you to pass the Apple Certified Technician exams. They include:

Apple Care Training Center

It’s an effective but simple program where you learn diagnostics on Apple products and also get to access necessary training materials.

Apple Authorized Training Center

This training offers you lectures, lab exercises and experiments that you need to pass your certification. It takes 2-5 days to complete.

Apple Pro-Training Series and Study Guides

You should also check out this online training program. That’s because it enables you to learn vital information on how to solve potential Apple products issues.

How You Will Get Examined

• When searching for information on how to become an Apple certified technician, you should remember that their exam takes 90 minutes to complete. You should also know that you can repeat questions that you may have answered wrong.

• However, once the 90 minutes are over, the test immediately ends, and you get your score. That means you should be ready for this exam.

Can You Repeat If You Fail?

• You can re-take the test if you fail the first time. But keep in mind that you will have to pay the exam fees again.

• One tip when deciding whether to retake these exams is to know where you went wrong in the first place.


The above guide on how to become a Apple Certified Technician should get you to consider taking one. Remember that getting this certification will open many opportunities for you. That’s because Apple is a well-known brand. Consumers trust it, which means a lot of repair business for you.