How to Recover Data from Flash Drives

At times, data can be lost in flash drives due to virus attacks, formatting, intentional or unintentional deleting of files amongst other reasons. Fortunately, if you happen to lose some critical data in your flash drives, you can easily recover it. But how can you do it? Below are methods on how to recover your data from flash drives.

1. Using Command Prompt

The command prompt is a very essential tool in a computer. Other than helping you to recover data, it can also assist in other functions. It’s effective in helping restore data in a USB flash drive that was either deleted, formatted or wiped out by a virus.

You will need to connect your flash drive to your computer. Then, let’s will assume that your PC reads the flash drive as “F”, you can then open the command prompt by going to start –run and then typing CMD and opening it. In the CMD page, type G and enter. Then type the following as indicated attrib –sh /s /d *.*, then click enter. Now, close CMD and check your recovered files.

2. Using Recovery Software

Thanks to the technology, you can easily recover your data with the help of a recovery software. In this method, you don’t need to be too technical. All you need to do is download and install a reliable data recovery software. Run it and scan for lost data. It will display the data collected, and from there, you can select which data you wish to restore. When searching for a data recovery software, however, make sure you pick one that is compatible with your USB flash drive brand. Nonetheless, most of these data recovery software usually work with popular USB flash drive brands.

3. Recover from Previous Versions of Files and Folders

In this case, you will have to recover the data from previous files and folders. PCs have a windows backup feature that you can use to restore files to a prior version if they were deleted or corrupted. However, note that, for you to restore lost data via this method, you must have created a backup before.

Open My Computer, search for the folder and then right click it. Click on properties, then on the previous versions. You can then access your recovered data.

The above are the three most effective ways of recovering data from flash drives. In case you lose some data, don’t panic. Just use one of the above methods, and you will easily recover your files.