How to Keep Your Data Safe from Hackers

The internet has transformed our lives in many positive ways. But it also has its downfalls. Personal privacy has been lost, which leaves us at risks of cyber threats. What is even shocking, no one seems to care to solve this menace. Cybercrimes have become a lifestyle. However, for those of us who have fallen victims of these shady individuals, we will go that extra mile and look for solutions. Fortunately, here are some ways you can use to safeguard your data from hackers.

1. Use a More Sophisticated Password

Many people use names, dates, addresses and common phrases as their passwords, making it easier for hackers to figure out them. If your passwords are easy to remember, then ultimately they are easy to hack. As such, make your passwords complicated by using passphrases, but remember to write them down somewhere just in case you forget. But again, don’t store them on your laptop or mobile device.

2. Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption is not just for IT experts. It is one of the most trusted ways to protect your data. There are modern tools that help anyone to encrypt and decrypt emails and other important information. For instance, PGP for Mail, File vault among others. Also, you can encrypt the data on your USB drives and SIM cards. Since they are removable storage devices, it will make it more difficult for criminals to interpret your personal information.

3. Install Operating System Updates

Apparently, most of us hate updating our operating systems regularly. But if we are to protect ourselves from hackers, then this is a necessary evil. Why? The updates contain crucial security patches that will protect your computer from any detectable threat. Irrespective of the operating system, therefore, always update it regularly so as not to put your computer at risk.

4. Overwrite Deleted Files

Deleting files from your computer does not mean they are gone permanently. This data can be recovered easily by an expert, and so can these hackers. However, overwriting it ensures that it is gone forever. Tools like PCWorld can help you out with that.

If your account has been hacked, you can make that a learning opportunity. Try to find out what went wrong and how you can protect your data moving forward. However, these four tips will keep you one step ahead of the hackers. But if you are still having problems even after trying them out, you can always consult an IT expert for help.