How Google’s New Gaming Console will Compete with XBOX ONE

Google is about to release its video game console, and the entire tech platform is supporting the idea. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are the major video players in the market recently, and each one of them is offering unique benefits to the entire player population. How Google’s New Gaming Console will compete with XBOX ONE?

According to Jason Kotaku Schreiner, Google is working so hard on the new video game platform that will allow the organization to take over the Xbox One. There are few specific details about the plans of Google with its entry in the video game industry, but many reports claim that it will use three main approaches in trying to compete with Xbox One.

First, Google will look for several ways to attract video game creators into its form of an umbrella. Through aggressive recruitment, it will make it possible. It will do through campaigns and significant acquisitions of many video game studios. To compete with Xbox one, Google will buy the entire video game studios instead of licensing them.

Secondly, Google will be launching powerful hardware for the entire project. It will be looking to challenge the processing speed of the Xbox One. It will be a cheaper video game console. There are several claims that Google will link it to the third party plans.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the platform of Google will provide video gaming streaming service which is typically called the Yeti. So far Google has met with many video game companies during the Game Developers Conference. The objective of meeting with video game developers was to provide the game insight and interest in Yeti. Many sources also report that Google hold meeting at recently concludes E3 2018. Google is looking forward to inviting video game developers or buy video studios to work with streamline service.

Streamline service is an excellent innovation that is beating its counterpart, Xbox One. It is similar to GeForce, a service of NVidia. Streamline service will allow graphics to be offloaded to another computer elsewhere. This will offer the video players the ability to play games that need high-end processing on the cheapest devices thus removing the problems of hardware costs. Google strives to provide enough resources for the video game streamline to ensure that it works best. This will bring in the broader audience.

Rather than video players buying a physical copy and installing on their devices, they will simply log in to their account through their video game console and play the game via the cloud. The video developers call this imagine playing Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome. When players are unable to solve the puzzle they are provided a way of opening up one personal computer or checking a mobile phone, press a button and activate an overlay lay in the screen that offers one cue in YouTube on how to play. Experts from market predict that the entire gaming industry will bring in an estimated cost of $180 billion by 2022 and become a favorite pastime for many people.